Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

In the workplace

  • Persons whose work involves a lot of contact with infected blood should get vaccinated for hepatitis B and an HBsAb titer test should be run in order to prove that the protection provided by the vaccination is sufficient.
  • All institutions should be able to quickly access the corresponding information about their employees so that no time is lost for the administration of post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • In addition to the hepatitis B vaccination, persons whose work involves contact with intravenous drug users should also be vaccinated against hepatitis A.
  • Nowadays there are highly effective medications available for the prevention of an infection with the HI and hepatitis B viruses. PEP must be applied as soon as possible following the contact with blood.
  • Active vaccination is possible for hepatitis A.
  • There is no PEP for hepatitis C.

Each workplace must designate a physician to whom the employees can report in cases in which they have been exposed to potentially infected materials or any other risk of infection (puncture wounds or bites). The immediate administration of a post-exposure prophylaxis (e.g. active and passive immunization) may be indicated.