Spreading Various Pathogens

Hepatitis and HIV viruses can be spread in a number of different ways:

Spreading various pathogens

Hepatitis B and C viruses can survive for a number of days exposed to the air in the smallest amounts of dried blood.

* Contaminated (=infected) objects coming into contact with injured skin or injured mucosa can transmit hepatitis B, C and D (syringes, spoons, filters, etc.)
** especially needles!

Safer Sex

  • During sexual intercourse involving penetration – whether vaginal or anal – always use a good-quality condom; always use lubrication for anal penetration.
  • Do not take any sperm into your mouth, do not swallow any sperm.
  • Do not take any menstrual blood into your mouth, do not swallow any menstrual blood.
  • Sex workers: Always use a condom, even during oral sex (to avoid sexually transmitted diseases).