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The national hepatitis C campaign has been conducted by Infodrog on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) since 2008. It aims to raise awareness among professionals and drug users and to inform them about the risks and consequences of an HCV infection. The focus is on the following aspects:

  • Reducing hepatitis C infections among drug users
  • Improving access to HCV treatment and testing for drug users
  • Imparting hepatitis C knowledge to addiction professionals and drug users on an ongoing basis
  • Developing the foundation for regular campaigns for health promotion in the field of addiction care

Hepatitis C is referred to as the “silent epidemic”. Between 130 and 170 million people around the world are infected with the hepatitis C virus. In Switzerland, roughly 80,000 people are assumed to be infected, including an estimated 40% to 70% (depending on the referenced source) of drug users.

Infodrog's hepatitis C campaign is aimed at medical experts as well as drug users.

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